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Activlab Pharma Biotyna 5mg 50tbl

Activlab Pharma Biotyna 5mg 50tbl

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SKU: Activlab_Pharma_Biotyna_5mg_50tbl

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ActivLab Pharma Biotin Extra is a product that strengthens hair, skin and nails. The high content of biotin helps to keep the hair in good condition, strengthens it and restores a healthy, shiny look. The copper contained in the product helps to maintain proper hair pigmentation.

Zinc helps maintain healthy nails and beautiful skin. Protecting its cells from oxidative stress. The product is especially recommended for: weak, brittle and falling out hair; hair without gloss, dull, damaged by hairdressing; brittle split nails; dull, gray complexion, devoid of radiance.

The content of ingredients in a daily portion (1 capsule):

biotin 5 mg [1000% *]
copper 1 mg [100% *]
zinc 10 mg [100% *]
silicon 10 mg
vitamin C 100 mg [100% *]
L-cysteine 100 mg [100% *]
MSM 100 mg.

Recommended dose:
1 capsule a day