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Essence Nutrition Tribulus Terrestris 1100mg, 90tbl

Essence Nutrition Tribulus Terrestris 1100mg, 90tbl

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SKU: EssenceNutrition_Tribulus_Terrestris_1100mg_90tbl

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Essence Nutrition Tribulus Terrestris is a dietary supplement in the form of tablets containing an extract of the maceaceae fruit (Tribulus terrestris L.), standardized for the content of saponins. Tribulus has been known and used in Chinese and Indian traditions for hundreds of years primarily as a tonic and strengthening agent . Its main active ingredients include steroidal saponins, flavonoids, phytosterols, and phenolic acids . Thanks to the contained substances, mace are classified as so-called adaptogens , i.e. it shows the activity supporting the human body in adapting to adverse or burdensome environmental conditions.

Saponins are organic compounds classified as steroid or triterpenoid glycosides, depending on whether their component - aglycon (called sapogenin) is sterol or triterpene.  It was found that saponins can contribute to an increase in testosterone levels , and also have an impact on the integrity and functioning at the cellular level, which in turn can contribute to the support of circulatory function , and indirectly to improve sexual desire .

Tribulus terrestris - remember that this plant belongs to adaptogens and may have a soothing effect on the nervous system.

1 tbl including:
Extract from mace fruit 1100mg