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Intrinsic Strength Training: A Breakthrough Program For Real-World Functional Strength And True Athletic

Intrinsic Strength Training: A Breakthrough Program For Real-World Functional Strength And True Athletic

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Traditional weight training often involves lifting while sitting, lying down or standing in place. While there can be undeniable strength gains from lifting heavy in these positions, your functional strength in real-world activities can remain fatally flawed. Conventional seated and stationary exercise restricts dynamic full-body movement, providing a dangerously artificial stability—and training only a few specific muscles at a time.

The Intrinsic Strength Training (IST) program helps you break free from the limitations and vulnerabilities of these restrictive exercise patterns. Instead of being “all show and no go”, IST challenges and enhances your ability to control your body in multiple movement planes—getting functionally stronger than you could possibly get through conventional lifting strategies.

By training the body as a dynamic, integrated unit, IST reduces the chance of injury and pain while increasing not only your overall strength but your posture, balance, coordination and precise body control. Traditional weight training too often puts the brakes on your athletic power—resulting in sub-par, erratic performance. IST releases the brakes on your strength gains and unlocks your full athletic potential.

IST is a unique—and much-needed—upgrade to classic resistance training. This upgraded system assures symmetrical and balanced physique improvements. Each IST exercise incorporates the entire body and activates more muscles, toning your physique faster and more efficiently than traditional resistance training. IST burns more calories and improves full-body strength, dynamic stability and movement literacy.

After using IST, you will look and feel like a superior version of yourself. IST provides the aesthetic benefits of following a bodybuilding training regimen with the athleticism and health benefits of the three-dimensional movement training you truly need for your daily activities. With IST, you can build yourself a body that combines a gorilla-like strength, a Ferrari-like level of performance and the fluid movement skills of a high-level ballet dancer…

SECTION 1 - Out with the Old in with the New

Chapter 1: We Need a New Approach to an Old Concept
How Did Exercise Regress to Sitting and Standing Still?
Why Intrinsic Strength Training is Superior

Chapter 2: You Have a Choice
Are You All Show and No Go

Chapter 3: Stop Selling Yourself Short
A Fundamental Fitness Failure

SECTION 2 - Life is NOT Stationary

Chapter 4: Pieces Move Together to Move the Whole

Chapter 5: The Core Does More

Chapter 6: Full Body Functions

Chapter 7: Protecting the Body from the Inside Out

Chapter 8: Walking with Force

SECTION 3 - Taking Control of the Problem

Chapter 9: We Are Only as Strong as Our Weakest Link

Chapter 10: With Repetition Comes Replication

Chapter 11: Involving More of the Core with Upright Exercise

Chapter 12: The 10 Commandments of Intrinsic Strength Training

Section 4 - Intrinsic Strength Training Exercises

Creating a Compatible Chest

Back Beneficial Workout

Symmetrical Shoulders

Limitless Legs

Articulating Arms

CORE—Abdominal Focus

Section 5 - Sample Exercise Combinations, Circuits,
and Weekly Workout Splits