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Megabol Biosterol - 36 kaps

Megabol Biosterol - 36 kaps

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Megabol Biosterol - is a preparation with a high content of steroid saponins intended to assist athlete's diet. The selection of compounds, including derivatives spirostane, was focused on the effect of increasing the production of testosterone and stimulating mental activity that allows the implementation of comprehensive training plans.

Saponins are compounds of plant origin composed of two parts: the aglycone - sapogenins (sapogenol) and glikonu - saccharide. Saponins alter the structure of cell membranes and thus epithelium, making them more permeable to organic components in the intake of protein. The saponins are capable of attaching themselves to the cholesterol to form relatively stable compounds, the pharmacologically active.

Steroid saponins are derivatives spirostane or furostanu. Created on the system steran with a group of cyclic side. Moiety side consists of a 5-membered ring and a 6-membered ring. Both rings are spiro-linked C-22. Steroid saponins derived furostanu not have a closed ring F, but the aliphatic chain.

In terms of anabolic used sarsasapogenin, diosgenin, jamogeninę, smilagenin, tigogenin, hekogeninę. These saponins have in the 3-position hydroxyl group, whereby, catalysts may be converted into steroid hormones or steroid parahormony anabolic agents. In the human body there are adequate metabolic pathways capable of steroid biosynthesis of active substance (anabolic) of said saponins, provided that the biochemical pre-processing that takes place under the influence of enzymes symbiotic intestinal microflora.

These enzymes convert saponins pregnanowe the compounds (C-21) and androstanes (C-19), are substrates for the synthesis of testosterone and androsterone. For the purposes of anabolic saponins they are most effective for carbon double bond between C5 and C6. Metabolic degradation of the side chain of the steroid saponin (oxidation, reduction, dehydroxylation, dehydration), leads to the formation of compound C-19 (testosterone).

Providing this type of androgenic precursors at the same time a standardized gut microflora can increase the amount of testosterone produced up to 4 mg per day. With this surplus appears in the so-called blood. free testosterone not bound to proteins. It is this free testosterone provides metabolic effects. The addition of phytosterols and insulin secretion stimulators (activators and precursors hydroxy-isoleucine, pure 4-hydroxy-isoleucine) contained in extracts of black cumin and fenugreek provide additional stimulation of growth of connective tissue and muscle tissue. Increased secretion of insulin causes: stimulation of glycogen and protein synthesis, facilitate the transport through the cell membranes into cells - glucose, amino acids, potassium and of fatty acids, suppression of excessive glycogenolysis, depleting the muscles in the energetic material. Preparations containing plant saponins.

The most popular plant steroid saponins was supplying gas tribulus (Tribulus Terrestris). Since the early 70s, this plant is used to produce preparations that stimulate metabolism, and secondary and tertiary sexual characteristics including sex drive.

The development of phytochemistry allowed closer to know the function of each fraction sterol currently using precise methods ekstraktacji are created supplements containing these fractions that best suit the needs of the target group. Modern supplementation evolves from extracts based on one plant, the operation of which is known for its tradition of herbal medicine, for well-targeted compounds and mixtures targeted at specific physiological interaction.

Megabol Biosterol® belongs to a modern group of products. Work on the composition and capabilities of the product taken in 2004. Biosterol® contains extracts of six plants, obtained in independent processes. The potential anabolic agent is higher than in the traditional natural extract of Tribulus (Tribulus).

1 caps. Once a day with a meal.