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Megabol Gainer 737, massilisaja / taastaja - 3kg

Megabol Gainer 737, massilisaja / taastaja - 3kg

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SKU: Megabol Gainer 737 - 3kg

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Megabol Gainer 737 - is the result of many months of work to design a product with a wholesome aminogram, fully digestible and optimally used by the athlete's body and at the same time affordable.

Megabol Gainer 737 - contains all the essentials:

- 30% of protein from whey, wheat germ and 90% hydrolyzed animal collagen. This kit provides a universal amino acid profile of high biological value. This composition aminogram provides access to the amino acid quantitatively and structurally adjusted to the needs revised as a result of physical training.

- Optimum selection of complex carbohydrates simple and complex aims to influence energy as long as possible on the body. Carbohydrates provide energy simple- szybkowchłanialne immediately after eating, while wolnowchłanialne, long-term uwalnianiają energy components.

- High content of glutamine (glutamic acid 30 g / 100 g protein). Glutamine is an essential amino acid political system. Nitrogen is the Transporter in the gastrointestinal tract and a precursor of the metabolic valid user (arginine, glutathione, taurine). It accelerates regeneration of muscle tissue.

- A full set of vitamins (E, C, B1, B2, PP, B6, B12, folacin, biotin, pantothenic acid) provides supplement their deficiencies, which often occur with systematic, intensive training.

- Amino acids in free form and peptide. The amino acids in this form are known to all bodybuilders as a popular supplement. Adding nutrients to aminokasów shortens the time of their availability (before obtaining the cleavage of a long process of proteins). In addition to the basic function of building materials have a protective function as a component of regulators metabolicznych- enzymes and functional proteins (transport, immune receptors).

Who Gainer 737?

It is the ideal preparation for all who eat too little, considering the load of training and the need to increase body weight. Scientific publications according to indicate that the body without providing excess energy and high amounts of protein (2 g / kg) can not be enlarged weight. Even the best conditioner does not work, if it is used in small amounts. The demand for protein persons Training bodybuilding is 4 times higher than the average trainee is not human. In addition, for sports increased (on average by 40-60%), demand for energy and wanting to increase the weight you need to provide the meals more energy than it consumes. Such a significant increase in the amount of daily food is usually very troublesome, often this treatment comes down to the consumption of large quantities of basic food products (milk, dairy products), sometimes 'forced'. GAINER 737 ™ is a product that provides all the necessary components more easily and at lower cost than the additional meals. Besides eating tasty sheikh is simply more fun.

Why Gainer 737 costs less than similar formulations of other companies?

Good information! For several years, prices nutrients constantly falling. Many years of experience in ordering costs, access to the direct producers of raw materials and, above all, to the most efficient technologies, reduce costs and allow use 'dumping' prices.

Day Training:
2-3 servings a day.
Non-training day:
2-3 servings a day.

Serving Size: 70g
Servings Per Container: 43
Packing: 3000g
Contents: in 100g: incl:
Protein 30 g
Carbohydrates 59 g
Fat 0.8 g
Energy value 1543 kJ / 363 kcal