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Megabol Inh-Ar - 60 kaps.

Megabol Inh-Ar - 60 kaps.

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SKU: Megabol Inh-Ar - 60 kaps.

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Until now, athletes have not had access to Supplement buteinowego (even omniscient Google says little about the concept, although buteiny are natural compounds and not the noun). A few months ago, they began the first tests of volunteers and from August 2011 Inh-Ar is used by leading Polish players, including current Polish Champion in Bodybuilding at the All - Thomas Jafernika.

MEGABOL Inh Ar- reduction reduces testosterone, thereby releasing activity of the natural hormone. The result of the use of the supplement for bodybuilders and weightlifters is to increase the level of testosterone, as a result, an increase in dry, lean muscle mass.

In the preparation of chalcones are aromatase inhibitors. Aromatase determines the formation of estrogen with testosterone and androstenedione. Excessive estrogenic activity inhibits the anabolic potential, so stopping the scope of their activities has become one of the directions of supplementation aimed at accelerating the growth of muscle mass.

For this purpose can be used in formulations containing chalcones buteinowe, wherein INHAR is the only available product such sports supplementation. The preparation can be applied in individuals who have decided to resign from harmful assist with the anabolic-androgenic and must reckon with deregulated endocrine (post cycle therapy - PCT). In addition, components of the preparation have hepatoprotective properties. They can have an impact on the reduction of fibrosis and cirrhosis.

Porcja: 1kaps.

Testo-3 - mieszanka hamująca aromatazę z kompleksem PhEN-X1004 200 mg
2-(3,4-Dihydroxyphenyl)- 5,7-dihydroxy-4-chromenone


Day Training:
1 capsule. In the morning, 1 capsule. Evening.
Non-training day:
1 capsule. In the morning, 1 capsule. Evening.