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Megabol O.M.A. - 56 kaps.

Megabol O.M.A. - 56 kaps.

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SKU: Megabol O.M.A. - 56 kaps.

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The preparation O.M.A. It is the first product based on the amino acid decarboxylation inhibitors (etracen), designed for men. This process is also called metabolic economy was presented in scientific publications in 2003 (R.Vespalec and others), in 2005 (H. Liedreman), in the years 2007-09 published the results of the work of the scientists at the Dr. H. Różański indicating the effectiveness of this method in fattening animals (an increase of 7% final). The effectiveness of the method of saving metabolic (etracenu) in sport It is now determined.

None of the existing the supplement is not yet described methods .O.M.A. is the first commercial preparation containing etracen.

Etracen stimulates the growth of muscle mass, by inhibiting the decarboxylation of amino acids and protein digestion and stimulate the metabolism of amino acids and save these to the synthesis of white k.Działa similar to the corresponding compounds of pracowanych and used for several years in culture to stimulate growth of the animals do.

Etracen causes inhibition of transaminase (aminotransferase): alanine aminotransferase and asparate aminotransferase. Reduces the concentration of microsomal enzymes, including cytochrome P-450 and Ndemetylazy benzfetaminowej. Transaminase cause the transfer of amino groups between different amino acids (cores aminok-mustache), whereby the tempo and metabolic pathways (catabolism or synthesis) of individual amino acids are radically changed.

A consequence of this is an increase in blood levels of alkaline phosphatase and free amino acids. This is a positive effect on metabolism, since it depends on a mechanism for the stimulatory effect of isoquinoline alkaloids on weight gain.

Etracen reduces the concentration of toxic amines in the intestines and blood, helping the liver. Cyclic amino acids, for example. Tryptophane, tyrosine, histidine, phenylalanine, proline are then not excessively decomposed to amine, but was included in the construction of enzyme protein building blocks, which greatly improved the balance of protein. Support the inhibition of bacterial putrefaction and fermentation, reduced concentration is harmful amines in the gut and in the blood (cadaverine, putrescine, skatole, indole). Amines burdening the kidneys and liver adversely affect the growth and development of the organism.

The resulting, especially for high-protein diet, amines additional strain on the liver and nervous system. Amines which are products of amino acids are responsible for the working muscles fatigue faster and their presence has further odor of feces. During the period of application etracenu accepted amino acids are absorbed and used for the synthesis of enzymatic proteins and structural.

Take 1 capsule 2 times a day, preferably 30 min. before meal.

1 cps including:
Etracen 2,5 mg
Organic acids 700 mg
etracen: 2.5 mg
alkaloids Ium-12-7-Methyl-6,8,9,16-tetrahydrobis [1,3]
benzodioxolo [4,5-c: 5 ', 6'-g] azecin-15 (7H) - one [1,3 ] Benzodioxolo [5,6-c]
-1,3-dioxolo [4,5-i] phenanthridin-6-ol organic: 700mg hexanoic acid, octanoic acid, 1-Octanecarboxylic acid