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Neuro-Mass The Ultimate System for Spectacular Strength

Neuro-Mass The Ultimate System for Spectacular Strength

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Neuro-Mass The Ultimate System for Spectacular Strength Paperback – 2013
by Jon Bruney (Author), Marty Gallagher (Foreword)

How To Develop Maximum Strength, Speed, Power,
Muscle and Unstoppable Conditioning, In 3 Hours Per
Week Or Less

Jon Bruney's Neuro-Mass provides the
fastest means for adding slabs of functional, SMART
muscle to your frame. Smart muscle is muscle that
can multi-task. Neuro-Mass will not only increase your
frame, but also turbo-charge your strength and athleticism.

Neuro-Mass gives you the exact protocols you need to
create an impressive, functional, athletic physique.
The Neuro-Mass system combines the best kettlebell
resistance and bodyweight exercises with a new
cutting edge training method called "Neuro-Sets".

These Neuro-Sets, comprised of grinds,
isometrics and explosive movements, create RAPID
physique transformation. While most training
programs only focus on one approach to create
growth, Neuro-Mass uses multiple stressors to create
"Any team sport athlete would be well advised to
immediately commence a cycle incorporating Jon
Bruney's methods. Athletes need what
Jon is offering: pure power combined with amazing
capacity for sustained and continual strength output.
This type of training can provide users an entirely new
strength approach that will prove particularly beneficial
to fighters, athletes, military and law enforcement types.

The approach will also allow regular folks a method
with which to round out their current capacities and
capabilities." -Marty Gallagher, 3-time World Master
Powerlifting Champion, author of The Powerful Primitive