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NUTREND Vitamin C 100tabs

NUTREND Vitamin C 100tabs

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SKU: NUTREND Vitamin C 100tabs

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500 mg vitamin C per tablet
With added rosehip powder that multiplies the effect
Strengthens the immune system and acts like an antioxidant
Recommended in case of increased physical activity, illness or stress

A high content of vitamin C in each tablet, the effectiveness of which is supported by rosehip powder. Together they constitute an exceptional product that should not be missing in the equipment of any person, athletes in particular. Vitamin C has many beneficial functions in the human body, among which we include support for the functioning of the immune system during intense physical exercise and after its end, as well as the production of collagen for the normal functioning of bones, cartilages and blood vessels. Other beneficial effects include a positive effect on energy metabolism and a further reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Among other benefits, it increases iron absorption and contributes to the regeneration of the reduced form of vitamin E.

1 tbl = 500mg Vitamin-C