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OstroVit Fenugreek VEGE 90 vcaps

OstroVit Fenugreek VEGE 90 vcaps

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Fenugreek seeds, or the Trigonella foenum-graecum L. plant, have long been used for various diseases and psycho-physical inconveniences such as problems with high testosterone levels, to stimulate appetite, expectorant activity and increase libido. Fenugreek is derived from Ayurveda, but also from traditional Chinese medicine, which testifies to its wide range of use. Trigonella foenum-graecum, commonly called Fenugreek, and with Polish fenugreek is a whole range of benefits ranging from beneficial effects on the fair sex, but also for men. Fenugreek has been proven to greatly increase the level of natural endogenous testosterone in men, the hormone responsible for giving men the main male characteristics, but also for increased muscle anabolism, strength and endurance. Fenugreek can improve insulin function, affecting the regulation of blood sugar, which is a real treat for diabetics and people with insulin resistance. Fenugreek regulates the control of appetite and hunger, reduces levels of triglycerides and low-density LDL lipoproteins.

Properties of OstroVit Fenugreek VEGE

    Increases sex drive and libido in both men and women
    Regulates blood glucose levels
    May increase levels of physiological testosterone
    Supports anabolism and accelerates regeneration
    Supports the building of muscle cells
    Demonstrates support for the proper functioning of the nervous system
    It improves mood and general well-being
    Lowers LDL and increases HDL (good cholesterol)

Supplement facts per 1 cps::
Fenugreek seed extract DER 4:1     600 mg