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OstroVit FLEX REGEN 400 g

OstroVit FLEX REGEN 400 g

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The success of every athlete is first and foremost the full ability to achieve the impossible, to exceed their own limits, weaknesses and becoming a better version of himself day by day. OstroVit FLEX REGEN is a modern preparation that creates ingredients dedicated to healthy bones, tendons, cartilages and ligaments. It is their 100% functionality that is the recipe for success. OstroVit FLEX REGEN supports the strengthening of joints and ligaments, protecting them from everyday using. The ingredients of FLEX REGEN will help to maintain the proper bone function as well as the flexibility of the joints. It all makes this supplement also ideal for elderly people. There are 13 active ingredients including minerals and vitamins. The future is in your hands, the future is FLEX REGEN.
OstroVit Flex Regen properties

    It’s a complex of effective ingredients
    Helps to strengthen joints, tendons, cartilage and ligaments
    Contributes to regeneration after injuries and injuries
    Daily protection of joints
    Suitable for older people and athletes.
    Supports the construction of tendons, ligaments and muscles,
    Contributes to the synthesis of collagen and connective tissue,
    Evidently improves the functioning of our skeletal system (increases joint flexibility).

A recommended portion of 20 g (1 1/4 scoop) is mixed in 100-150 ml of water or juice. Consume once a day.  

Net weight of the product: 400 g
Servings per container:  20
Servings size:  20 g

Gelatin hydrolyzate      10 000 mg
methylsulfonylmethane      300 mg
Glucosamine sulphate      300 mg
L-proline      200 mg
Boswellic acid       160 mg
Calcium      120 mg (15%*)
- Calcium carbonate      300 mg
Witamina C      100 mg (125%*)
Magnesium      55 mg (15%*)
Chondroitin sulphate      40 mg
Hyaluronic acid      20 mg
VitaminB6      1 mg (71%*)
Vitamin K      75 μg (100%*)
Vitamin D      50 μg (1000%)