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Ostrovit Lysine 200g

Ostrovit Lysine 200g

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It helps to protect the body naturally by acting to strengthen immunity.
Scientific research confirms anti-stress.
Its constant supply helps in maintaining lean body mass.
It is one of the essential amino acids that build our proteins.
Accumulating in skeletal muscles, it supports their recovery after various injuries, and during convalescence.

L-lysine is an organic chemical compound from the group of essential amino acids. Their essence is that for the proper functioning of the body, we must provide them with the right amount of supplementation or food. Our body is not able to synthesize them by itself. In addition, it is one of the main compounds that builds all proteins in our body. Hence the name of the group, protein amino acids. L-lysine plays a major role in the absorption of calcium, building muscle tissue, during convalescence after heavy injuries, and in the production of many hormones or enzymes.

1g including
1000mg L-Lysine

Mix cold water or juice and use 1x per day.

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