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Proffesional ARMWRESTLING HANDLE with bearings

Proffesional ARMWRESTLING HANDLE with bearings

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To achieve the highest goals, having the best equipment in your inventory - boosts you to a new level of training.

This armwrestling handle with bearings is a genuine example what a high level training equipment looks like. 

Handcrafted, designed by professional arm wrestlers.

All the needs of professional athletes are taken into account.

Perfect metal grip, excellent (ABEC5) bearing movement

Excellent for developing finger muscles.

This makes your grip much more powerful, which is essential to any of the armwrestling techniques.

Officialy approved by proffesional armwrestlers


Night Time Black

Size of handle: 

Width   18cm

Height  17,5cm

Size of a barrel

Width 16,8cm

Available in 2 barrel diameters