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PROUD AIR BIKE 2.0 ELITE is no ordinary bike as it combines use of both your arms and legs. You need to pump the handle bars with your arms while also cycling with your legs so it really is a fully body exercise. PROUD AIR BIKE uses a fan to generate wind resistance so the harder you pedal and move the handle bars the higher the resistance gets making it harder.

PROUD AIR BIKE is an excellent piece of equipment to use for metabolic conditioning. It can help improve your cardio capacity by performing interval training on it.

PROUD AIR BIKE is a fantastic exercise to ‘default’ to especially for those who are injured, or are new to exercise. It  is an ideal modification tool to use in case of injury especially if running is off the cards or you are limited due to a rolled ankle or muscle strain, it allows your members to still exercise safely. It is also a very useful tool for rehab as it a very low impact exercise on the joints and allows for a safe range of movement. It allows the injured to keep moving and provide blood flow to the area which will aid in recovery.

Color: Grey/yellow

Multi-grip handlebar

Dimension: 123 x 67,5 x 142cm
Weight: 74,5kg
User weight: 150kg

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