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SELF Omega3 120kps

SELF Omega3 120kps

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    Reduces inflammation
    Boosts immune defences
    Excellent for brain cognitive functions
    Reduces risk factors for cardiovascular diseases

Omega-3 are essential fatty acids for body and health. The body does not produce these fatty acids, therefore they need to be ingested with food. Omega-3 contributes to maintaining the wellbeing in our body and a healthy meal should include these fatty acids. Nuts, sardines, salmon, shrimp, egg, olive oil, and avocados contain Omega-3. Omega-3 deficiency can cause fatigue, dry skin, poor circulation, mood swings, and memory problems. This product allows you to consume an optimal quantity of omega-3 quick and easy.

Serving size 3 cps:
Omega Oil 3000mg
- EPA 540mg
- DHA 360mg

3-6 caps daily